Open Access monographs

A message from David Ball, UKeiG Chair


  • David Ball UKeiG Chair



Open science and open access (OS/OA) as a disruptive technology is also an essential part of UKeiG’s portfolio. UKeiG Chair David Ball has written and presented extensively on the emergence on OS/OA, Open Monographs, Open Data and Open Peer Review. He emphasises that this developing paradigm goes way beyond STEM subjects and impacts on social science, arts and humanities. ‘The concept of Open Access to research outputs has been common currency for many years. The rapid growth of the Internet has made different publication models easily available. More recent thinking has expanded the concept of openness even further, to Open Science, which aims to transform science by making research more open, global, collaborative, creative and closer to society. All academic disciplines are embracing this approach. The shift is extremely important for the development and exploitation of research, and hence for the professionals who support it.’ In UKeiG’s inaugural column in the March 2023 issue of CILIP’s Information Professional magazine, David writes about open access monographs, and we share his insights.