UKeiG Professional Development Update


  • Gary Horrocks Editor, eLucidate


2017 was a busy and successful year for UKeiG’s CPD programme. Topics covered included:

Search Usability: Filters and Facets, Research Data Management for Information Professionals, Advanced Knowledge Management: Strategy & Digital Implementation, Better Social Media for Libraries
Digital Literacy in the Workplace, Open Access, Open Monographs, Open Data, Open Peer Review: Overview of a Disruptive Technology

Jisc’s Lis Parcell, in a presentation for UKeiG - “Flexing our digital muscle: beyond information literacy” - explored tools and resources to help assess digital capability in individuals, teams and organisations. “Library and information professionals have long been recognised for expertise in information literacy, but the need for more digitally capable organisations creates new avenues for staff to develop their roles and contribute to the digital strategy of the organisation.” Digital literacy is a complex and morphing concept, embracing core ICT proficiency alongside content creation and innovation, communication and collaboration, information retrieval, technology enhanced learning and digital professionalism.