Getting to Grips with Data Literacy and Data-Driven Decision Making

UKeiG’s Members’ Day 2017


  • Gary Horrocks Editor, eLucidate


UKeiG’s Members’ Day, held at CILIP’s London headquarters on the 16th March 2017, was a huge success and attracted a diverse range of delegates. It showcased the theme of information modelling using data and metrics: the analysis, exploitation, utilisation, management and visualisation of data in a number of settings, including the construction industry and public libraries.

Keith Wilson, Construction Information Consultant, provided a fascinating insight into Building Information Modelling (BIM), a well-established integrated project information model and common data environment in that sector.

Aude Charillon, of Newcastle City Libraries, presented on “releasing and re-using” public library data to engage and empower library visitors. She is a champion of open, shared content and data literacy; the need to educate people about their rights to utilise and customise creative works – images, sound, films and data - that are free of copyright.

Jisc's Siobhan Burke gave the delegates an overview of Analytics Lab, a joint HESA (UK Higher Education data and analysis) and Jisc business intelligence research and development project. She also gave an overview of Heidi Plus, the Higher Education Information Database for Institutions. It encompasses the delivery of data sets through a data explorer tool, dashboards, visualisations, training and support materials.

Data literacy is an increasingly important part of working life and ensuring that it is integrated into the knowledge and information skills set will future proof the profession. Nick observed that library and information professionals have often stood on the periphery spectating, watching things happen not making things happen, and allowing major developments in “big data” and “data science” to pass us by. Now is the time to respond more effectively to the challenges and opportunities that data has to offer.