Post-it Notes for Web Content


  • Michael Upshall


In this article, I will be introducing and describing three similar tools for linking or sharing content: Declara, Stackly and Pocket (there are others, to be sure, but these three looked the most interesting from my trawl). All three could all be described as Post-it notes for the Web: you can make notes about websites you have seen, then reorder your notes and come back and find them again. All three tools were created for academic and educational publishing. The nature of academic publishing is to share what you have discovered or created, and so tools that enable users to join A with B can provide valuable productivity benefits. Of course, discovering content of value and wanting to share it with others is universal across all sectors. All three use recommendation engines – tools that automatically suggest content that is linked in some way to pages you have selected before. Two were launched as recently as this year.