How Good is your Content Quality?


  • Martin White


In no particular order there are four key principles of information quality.

a. Purpose
Every piece of information on an intranet should be there for a purpose. Before publishing, the content owner (who may not be the publisher) should consider the potential value of the content they are publishing and write it in a way that will help an individual employee or a group of employees to use and share the content.

b. Discovery
Intranet users will find the information they need by browsing through the site navigation, by carrying out a search or by setting up a profile to alert them to information as soon as it is published. The role of a content publisher is not just to create information but also to ensure that the people who will benefit from it can find it.

c. Trust
Every piece of information on the intranet will be used in some way to make a decision that could affect the reputation of the firm. Every user of information has to be able to trust it implicitly or if they have any doubts they are able to check with the content owner.

d. Ownership
It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure that content that they own is maintained in a way that it meets the purpose for which it was published, that it is findable and that staff can trust that it is accurate and valid.