Could your Digital Profile Damage your Career?


  • Bernadette John



“Digital Professionalism is the competence or values expected of a professional when engaged in social and digital communication.” In an online world where private personas are merging with professional and public, it is fast becoming an essential digital literacy for the contemporary workplace and a key skills set for organisations facing up to the challenges and transformational benefits that social media has to offer. Employees need training and support in how to create, protect and even spring clean their online profiles. No continuing professional development portfolio can afford to ignore it, argues Bernadette John. But, with ever evolving smart applications, platforms and functionality, and a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) culture in the workplace, it is a demanding challenge.

“DP has become an essential skill, underpinning online literacy, and requiring technical fluency, regular training, relevant updates and clear policy and guidelines. It is no longer a level of behaviour an organisation can simply expect from its staff or students by parking a social media policy on an intranet or issuing a stern warning regarding what is said on social channels.”