Information Governance and Assurance: reducing risk, promoting policy


  • Charles Oppenheim


This book’s blurb describes it as a “comprehensive textbook”. Textbook it clearly is, appearing as it does to be primarily aimed at students of the subject and to busy information managers who need to get a quick overview of the topic. But it does not go into enough detail to justify the word “comprehensive”. This 196 page paperback has chapters entitled: Introduction; The Laws and Regulations; Data Quality Management; Dealing with threats; Security, Risk management and business continuity; and Frameworks, policies, ethics and how it all fits together. This is complemented by a list of acronyms and definitions of some technical terms, answers to some exercises and discussion points, and a reasonably good index. The book provides an introduction to the subject from a UK point of view, though most of the principles enunciated would apply in other countries.